Our philosophy

We have created a magical countryside with modern facilities to welcome children and wrap them with love, care, and warmth. An inviting environment that offers happy memories and long-lasting friendships. At our camp, we do things differently. We are all about helping children discover new passions, develop new skills, and have a blast with games, sports, and exciting activities. We are not like any other summer camp; we’re one big, caring family, our main goal is to ensure that children have their best time ever, learn amazing things, and create memories that will make them smile for years to come.

The children and parents response to our camp rewards our efforts and we hold a responsibility to provide higher quality of services every year.

Green Camp is ready to offer its campers unique experiences and unforgettable holidays. Our core values ​​are respect for the individuality of each child and the fulfillment of the need for relief, relaxation and fun. In our camp each child is treated separately depending on their interests and specifications. The aim of our camping program is to create new experiences that the child will remember for the rest of his / her life.




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